Intelligent Snowflakes in the Cloud

Snowflake ITM Inc. is a Seattle, WA USA based company that was founded in 2006.

Our goal is to provide you and your organization with a management solution that helps make every day more productive and less stressful.

Our product, Snowflake™, created the “Organizational Management” category as it is the first to have integrated task management with the organizational chart and teams. Combining these fundamental building blocks of an organization (people, tasks, organizational chart and teams) created a new model that finally fits the way organizations are structured and operate. Actually the model was achieved by working backwards from that goal.

We must however point out that converting this simple and elegant model into a working product was no easy task. It required the development of new type of control method capable of situation-ally managing the layers of relationships between people and between their tasks. That’s probably why it hadn’t been done before!

Along with enabling the model to function, this new control method provides significant additional benefits for users. Most noticeably, there are no roles or privileges that have to be setup or maintained by an administrator. This is a huge advantage over role or access list based systems! Additionally the method enables a much greater granularity of control that better reflects the real world – with all its situational interactions and authorities.

While our initial focus is on task management (because if you’re not working on a task, you’re not working) we at Snowflake ITM are extremely excited about the unlimited potential of the Snowflake platform. Whether through continued internal development or the integration of third party functionality the value Snowflake™ provides its users and their organizations will just continue to increase!

Steve Johnson
Founder – Snowflake ITM Inc.