Visibility, Coordination & Control of your Tasks, Teams & Direct Reports

We call our product Snowflake™ because like a natural snowflake the “shape” of every organization is unique and only our product models these structures online and gives each user their own personalized window into their organization.

Crystallize Your Organization:

Snowflake’s breakthrough is its new organizational model and control method.
Please do not confuse Snowflake’s organizational model and method with that of project management. Snowflake™ is a new type of product.

For the first time, the combination of people, tasks, organizational chart structure and teams has been seamlessly integrated into one model. This combination required a new control method that is capable of automatically managing operational and administrative details “on the fly” and without a human system administrator. You just go about your business and the system takes care of the rest.

Additionally Snowflake’s attribute based control method eliminates the need to set up roles or privileges and is smart enough to understand who can see what, who can make particular changes or assignments and who has to ask. This makes Snowflake™ extremely easy to implement and use – even in today’s very dynamic organizations.

The Snowflake Model:

With Snowflake™ there is no more sifting through email or juggling spreadsheets and project management tools to try to stay on top of things.

Snowflake™ crystallizes your view of what’s going on and provides Visibility, Coordination and Control of your Tasks, Teams and Direct Reports in one powerful, inexpensive and easy to use management solution. Implementation takes minutes and there are NO roles or privileges to set up and maintain.

Your window into your organization:

Only Snowflake combines these elements into one seamless integrated solution that organizes your work world in an orderly and appropriately controlled environment.

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage your tasks, teams and direct reports then we made Snowflake™ for you!
Please go to our “Free Trial” page to create your organizations Snowflake today.